North Bay Park is a hidden treasure. The park features a network of trails, a raised boardwalk, an observation tower, fishing platforms and a fitness trail. These are all built around a central lagoon that is abounding with waterfowl, turtles and lotus flowers. It is absolutely one of the prettiest parks in the county.

Overview Washtenaw county will never claim any awards for impressive topology. The fact is that in the last ice age, when massive glaciers moved through this part of the continent, they made sure to grind down anything in their path, leaving behind flattened lands and huge furrows that would become the Great Lakes. However, as these walls of ice retreated, they dropped off mounds of sand and gravel in the otherwise smooth plains. One of the places this happened was in Sharon Township, creating the Sharon Short Hills. The hills have a gentle slope, making the trail’s 1-mile loop relatively easy, and at the top of the path, you will find yourself on one of the highest points in the county at 1060 feet. You will find forests and scenic views along the way, making this one of the nicer hikes in the area. RATING Scenery – 4Trail Condition -…