Our Best Walks in the County

Walking Washtenaw is all about finding the new favorite walks in our local area. Here’s our top list for the whole county. Check our local lists for Ann Arbor, Chelsea/Dexter, or Manchester if you want to find something specific to your area.

Two boats rowing on the Huron River in Autumn

Fall Color Trek in The Bird Hills Nature Area

Beautiful birdsong and glorious fall colors combine to make a visit to Ann Arbor’s Bird Hills Nature Area a walk to remember. The Bird Hills Nature Area rises above a great bend in the Huron River west of Ann Arbor. Encompassing 146 acres, it is the largest natural area in the city’s park system. With a variety of pathways, hikers will find a sanctuary in this hilly woodland.

Pittsfield Preserve – Early Spring, Squishy Walk
Pittsfield | Preserves

Pittsfield Preserve – Early Spring, Squishy Walk

Twenty-some years ago, in 1999, there was a plan to build 1200 homes, retail spaces, and soccer fields in the center of Pittsfield Township. This plan included using a fleet of bulldozers and earthmovers to flatten, fill, and mow down a unique wetland area changing the township’s rural feel. Instead, the township purchased the land and created the Pittsfield Preserve that has become the pride of the area.