Fox Science Preserve sits between Ann Arbor and Dexter in an old gravel quarry. The machines that dug deep into the soil are now gone, leaving behind a scene not too different from the glacial moraines of 12,000 years ago. This rocky and barren surface soon was recognized as a natural classroom for the study of biological succession. Teachers, students, and parents began exploring the boulders and limestone surfaces, observing as nature begins its transformation of the empty quarry into a fully functioning ecosystem.


Lillie Park sits in 124 acres of restored land in Pittsfield Township. Once a gravel pit, the area has been transformed into play areas and beautiful walking trails.

Squires Preserve, Chelsea MI. Preserves

Today we visited Squiers Preserve, one of 3 small county preserves in western Washtenaw County. This small and uniquely shaped preserve is on Silvan Rd in Silvan Township. The preserve covers 59 acres of slightly rolling land and features mixed woodlands, wetlands and open meadows.

Baker Woods Preserve Preserves

Today I explored a new find, Baker Woods Preserve. The preserve covers 70 acres of old forest, open grasslands, and rolling hills and features well-maintained a trail system. Its varied ecosystem supports a large variety of birds and animals.


North Bay Park is a hidden treasure. The park features a network of trails, a raised boardwalk, an observation tower, fishing platforms and a fitness trail. These are all built around a central lagoon that is abounding with waterfowl, turtles and lotus flowers. It is absolutely one of the prettiest parks in the county.